Terms & Conditions


1.1 Our group of hotels “Caretta Holiday Village Hotels” provides services as articulated in our official website. During their stay our Guests are able to use a variety of facilities and services, either ours or provided by Third Parties, as well as our food and beverages services, which are all articulated in our website and the Booking Confirmation. Except as expressly mentioned in our official website, the Agreement and the Booking Confirmation, no other services or facilities are provided by the Hotel to the Customers and Guests.

1.2 We may allow third parties to provide their products and services through this site or to connect their ordering platforms with this site, or to connect in order to sell such products or services to our customers. We encourage such third parties to acquire valid insurance policies and comply with market standards and other health and safety regulations. However, we have no control over such third parties and it is not possible for us to know their policies, standards and terms of use. For this reason, when you order products or services of such third parties through our site, you are advised to read carefully their terms and conditions and be informed about the health and security standards adopted by such third parties. In all cases, when you place an order for products or services of such third parties through our site, you do so on your own free will, choice, responsibility and risk. We have no obligation for the sale of products or the execution of services of such third parties, we may not be held liable for any damage, injury or accident you may incur by using such third-party services nor can we assume any liability thereof.

1.3 By purchasing online through our site, any product or service provided by a third party you agree to abide to their applicable terms and conditions, including but not limited to their payment and cancellation policies, any availability or other restrictions they may have in place as well as their limitation of liability and indemnification provisions.


2.1. Anyone can make a booking, either directly with our Group of Hotels through our website, our mobile application or any other procedure adopted by the “Caretta Holiday Village Hotels” for this reason or through Booking Agents. In case that the Customer makes a booking through a Booking Agent, or any other platform different from our official website, our group “Caretta Holiday Village Hotels” and the Hotel shall not be responsible or liable for services that such Booking Agent promised, if such services are not part of our offered services.

2.2 Our services, rates, payment policies, terms and conditions as described on our official website, are exclusively and categorically valid only for bookings made and confirmed through our official website, and we have no obligation to provide the same prices and services to customers who book their accommodation for our hotels through any other platform or travel agent. “Caretta Holiday Village Hotels” have the right to amend its services, rates and payment policies at any time without any prior notice or announcement.

2.3 Customer is responsible to provide his personal data, as requested during the booking process, which shall be true and accurate and as imprinted in the Customer’s identification card or passport. In addition, Customer is obliged to keep his contact details updated, as necessary, in order to be able to provide our services and execute this Agreement. The Hotel will not have any liability to make notifications to the Customer relating to this Agreement, if the Customer’s contact details are false, misleading or outdated and the Customer is not possible to be reached, in which case it is hereby agreed by the Customer that he or she waives his or her right for notifications.

2.4 It is not possible to book a specific room in any hotel, except if this is explicitly stipulated in the Booking Confirmation. The Customer is able to book a specific type of room from a list of types of rooms found in the “Caretta Holiday Village Hotels” official website or our mobile application.

2.5 Your booking request is reviewed and if approved, our hotels will send you a Booking Confirmation. In case you have not received a booking confirmation on the provided contact information, and such contact information is valid, that means that you booking did not completed successfully, and is your responsibility to complete the booking process successfully until you receive a booking confirmation. “Caretta Holiday Village Hotels” is not be held responsible for bookings that did not completed successfully due to temporary online system failures or due to customers fault, and is not responsible on reserving room or services availability for such cases. Our hotels will not be obligated to provide accommodation services to you, if you have not received a Booking Confirmation.